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PIR Sensor 20W LED Flood light

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Product Abstract:

Power: 20W Size: 180 *293*100mm Luminous flux: 1800lmą10% LED Qty: 1pc 20W COB Epistarled chip

Product Description
IR Sensor Flood light Specification:
Power 10W 20W 30W 50W 70W 80W 100W
LED Qty/Epistar led chip 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB    
Luminous Flux 890lm±10% 1700lm±10% 2600lm±10% 4400lm±10% 6200lm±10% 7100lm±10% 8900lm±10%
Lighting Efficitency              
Dimension/mm 115 *135*103 180 *293*100 241 *293*136 300 *337*150 370 *290*114 370 *290*114 370 *290*114
Input Voltage 85-265Vac  
Replacement 30W MHL 60W MHL 90W MHL 120W MHL 150W MHL 200W MHL 300W MHL
Bean Angle 30-120° 30-120° 30-120° 30-120°
Shell Cover Black/white/grey
IP Rating IP65            
CRI >80            
PF >0.92            
Short Circuit Protection Available            
Color Temperature Warm white:2700-3500K; Day white: 4000-5000K; Cool white:5500-7000K  
Working Temperature --40~55°C            
Life Span 50000 Hours            
Warranty 3 Years            
Application Hotels, stages, parks, plazas,Commercial building facade, mosques, museums, art galleries,Advertising boards,Restaurant , hospital,etc..   
1). Using ultra-bright highest level Epistar and Bridgelux LED chips with proprietary encapsulation technology, realizing excellent luminance, low brightness decline
2). Constant-current driver is used to ensure the lamp working with reliability and stability
3). Scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect
4). Using professional waterproof glue to seal every hole, let our flood lights to be IP65/66/67 rated.
5). Lamp surface treated with anodization, corrosion-resistant, artistic appearance
6). Using toughened glass, hard enough and won’t be broken during transportation
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