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Rechargeable and portable 10W COB LED Flood light

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Product Abstract:

Power: 10W Size: M:110 *225*107mm S: 180*240mm Luminous flux: 900lmą10% LED Qty: 1pc 10W COB Epistar led chip

Product Description
Specification: Rechargeable led flood light
Power 5W 10W 20W 30W  
LED Qty/Epistar led chip 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB 1pc COB
Luminous Flux 500lm±10% 1000lm±10% 1900lm±10% 2900lm±10% 4900lm±10%
Lighting Efficitency >90        
Dimension/mm 110 *225*107 110 *225*107 215 *270*130 225*185*140 288*150*240
Input Voltage 85-265Vac/12vdc/24vdc    
Replacement 15W MHL 30W MHL 60W MHL 90W MHL 150W MHL
Material Aluminum alloy  
Bean Angle 30-120° 30-120° 30-120° 30-120° 30-120°
Shell Cover Yellow/Black/Green/Red  
IP Rating IP65        
CRI 80        
PF >0.92        
Short Circuit Protection Available        
Color temperature Warm white:2700-3500K; Day white: 4000-5000K; Cool white:5500-7000K  
Working Temperature --40~55°C        
Life Span 50000 Hours        
Warranty 2 Years        
Application Hotels, stages, parks, plazas,Commercial building facade, mosques, museums, art galleries,Advertising boards,Restaurant , hospital,etc.. 
1). Using ultra-bright highest level Epistar and Bridgelux LED chips with proprietary encapsulation technology, realizing excellent luminance, low brightness decline
2). The floodlight use Lithium battery driver and it can be chargeable
3). Scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect
4). It needs to turn off the light when the battery's voltage is lower than setting voltage,or it will damage the battery
5). It can work when using the DC12V input without connecting battery. It has two ways for the lighting
6). Lithium battery charging indication: when it is charging and the indicator is red, it is green color when full, no charge, indicator is not shine
7). Lamp is equipped with discharge characteristic under voltage lock to prevent the LED in low pressure conditions from damaging the leds due to battery voltage recovery
8). Using toughened glass, hard enough and won’t be broken during transportation
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