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European Union $ 15 million to fund non-phosphorus LED project
2013-05-25 14:27:38

European Union $ 15 million to fund non-phosphorus LED project
The EU recently funded a research project, code-named NEWLED, $ 15 million investment, will explore new ways to build without phosphor white LED, the goal is to develop high-efficiency, high-brightness monolithic or hybrid semiconductor white GaN-based LEDs. 
NEWLED project began in November 2012, will run for 4 years, subject to the nano-efficient white LED short-period superlattices and quantum dots. The project, led by the University of Dundee, consists of 13 members from European industry and academia partners. The purpose of the project is the development of phosphate-free LED structure with increased brightness (each side every corner of the transmit power) and, if successful, will avoid the use of phosphor conversion, as well as reduce the different aging rate of GaN LED pump power loss. 
NEWLED will strengthen the superlattice yellow indium gallium aluminum phosphorus / AlGaAs LEDs using bandgap engineering efficiency. These LED will replace using a phosphor-converted LED. Moreover, the new light extraction method for the advanced directivity and color adjustment. The new method will achieve the to improve warm white LED 50-60% of the overall efficiency of the conversion rate of more than 200 lm / W of the target and is greater than 95, the color rendering index (CRI). At the same time, the team will also study advanced packaging to achieve effective heat dissipation and efficient lighting management. These devices will be directly used in the automotive, industrial lighting and display industries. Show its economic and environmental benefits will be widely implemented, would reduce global energy consumption is about 10%, a decrease of 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 
NEWLED project is responsible for people Professor Edik Rafailov, said: "now commonly used light bulb energy efficiency conversion rate is very low, even the best white LED in use only about 25% of the overall efficiency of our goal is to develop a significantly more efficient white LED, energy efficiency conversion rate of about 50 to 60%, if we can do this, and widely used, so the impact of energy consumption will be huge. "

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