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Guangdong LED street lights installed over 800,000 pcs, total length of 20,000 km
2013-05-25 15:17:03

Guangdong LED street lights installed over 800,000 pcs, total length of 20,000 km
As of June 12 Dragon Boat Festival, Guangdong Province to tender and install LED street lights over 800,000 pcs, illuminate the road up to 20,000 km. Indoor lighting products, LED lighting fixtures use more than 2.1 million pcs, strong levels of government in the province under the impetus of Guangdong LED industry and the application of the scale ranks first in the country. 
Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Li Xinghua think, Guangdong Province to the government's hand to pull the LED in the consumer market, there are two major necessity. First, Guangdong province as a major energy consumer, energy saving a lot of pressure. The LED is energy-saving and environmentally friendly new generation of light, and its lamp durable and easy to manage, the economic benefits of the application is very prominent. Meanwhile, Guangdong Province is the domestic LED industry's fastest-growing region, the industry has been included in the provincial focus on fostering the development of strategic new industries. Therefore, the promotion and application of this product can be described as double benefit: both energy conservation, but also to stimulate industrial development in order to achieve the provincial government in 2015 proposed to achieve an annual output value of 500 billion yuan more than the goal. As Vice Governor Chen Yin said, vigorously promote the application of LED lighting products, is a breakthrough in energy conservation and energy shortage bottleneck effective way for the full realization of the transformation and upgrading, construction of well-Guangdong significant. 
Guangdong Province in May last year issued "Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products implementation plan", requiring three years in the field of public lighting full application of LED lighting products, in addition, Guangdong is also the first one to see the country's first LED lighting products benchmarking system to strictly control the quality of products tender, which also makes LED lighting products, Guangdong Province, the quality can be guaranteed, thereby enhancing LED lighting effects. 
Guangdong Province through policy guidance, demonstration applications and business operations, hosting and other innovative models of energy, pulling LED consumer market in the past year and achieved remarkable results. Promote the use of the province so far accumulated more than 800,000 pcs LED street lights, indoor LED lighting products more than 2,100,000 pcs, more than 20,000 km road applications, the overall energy efficiency of 55%, the cumulative energy savings of nearly 10 billion kwh, equivalent coal 350,000 t, the application of the scale among the best in the country.

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