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Philips Almighty LED: with "meaningful innovation" life-changing
2013-05-25 15:16:58

Philips Almighty LED: with "meaningful innovation" life-changing
Starlight, candlelight, light ...... With the progress of human civilization, lighting tools are undergoing rapid change, people can pursue the vision of comfortable quality of life, but eternal. So as a leader in the lighting industry, Philips continues to break technological frontier in the development of energy efficient lighting products more far-sighted, aimed at Chinese consumers the best lighting experience, thus enhancing people's quality of life.
For a long time, we are accustomed to using "how many watts" to indicate the power consumed by the bulb, but the "wattage" apparently has been out. In the global phase-out of traditional incandescent bulbs situation, new technologies such as LED light source, if they have the same amount of light and incandescent lamps, simply consumes very little electricity. So in the future we have to learn to tone and slowly accustomed to using "Lumen (Lm) / W" to measure the energy efficiency of the light source.
Active in the lighting industry from the traditional to the LED light source, this new moment of transition, with the significance of the Philips Pioneer Nongchao Almighty LED bulbs also emerged. It has always been adhering to the Philips pursuit of "meaningful innovation" brand philosophy, so that LED lighting become synonymous with quality modern family life, leading to millions of households into the era of LED lighting.
Demand-driven innovation
Consumers ideal lighting quality including brightness, color, performance, atmosphere and other factors, of course, can not forget the energy saving and cost-effective. For consumers lights used in different occasions and functional requirements, LED's appear together so that everything becomes easy. But mixed LED light source market so that consumers get confused, it tends to make a choice in price and power as an indicator only, ignoring the many other factors.
Philips LED bulbs Almighty inherits innovative LED technology and mature production technology good genes, not only on price is more suitable for ordinary household consumption, and energy consumption, efficiency, safety, and convenience of life compared to many other aspects of traditional lighting products have a transformational advantage.
Connotation of high-tech products to meet the product price close to the people, is the application of technological innovation to large-scale investment premise. LED bulbs Almighty minimum market price is only 49 yuan, the average home is also affordable "high tech."
Philips Almighty all the advantages of LED bulbs for Chinese consumers, this means better lighting options, better lighting experience, more energy consumption patterns and higher quality of life. Comprehensive scoring run, it has always been developing innovative and Philips lighting products, has no doubt that the excellent performance.
Technology has changed life
Years of technological and market insight deep plowing, so Philips Lighting in the chip, optics, thermal management to product design, quality and reliability, has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience of the LED. "Persistence bright, long-lasting power, soft light, safety and environmental protection," which focus on four key words show the Philips LED bulbs hit the Almighty no "meaningful innovation." Then these product characteristics in the end will bring to our lives what changes it?
Upcoming Father's Day let us evoke childhood memories, my father seemed to ascend the scene changing light bulbs still vivid, but as they grow older, the elders climb for lights have become worried about the hidden children. Use "persistent bright" Almighty LED bulbs as a gift 15 years of life so you no longer have to worry about the dangers of climbing elders; With another wave of the summer peak season, if you have this. " long-term saving, "the lighting tool, you can hold the meter in the summer; we are in the era of the amount of information bombardment, often feel eye fatigue, thus more eager to" soft light "lighting products - Philips Almighty LED bulbs which means that light, brightness and light color effect make the eyes more comfortable, two colors for your choice; care of the earth is everyone's responsibility, more and more consumers are "safe environment" as an important condition, green non- contaminated material to bring health relief for the family, which is, Philips universal LED bulbs also do.
Technological advances take time stories, innovations changed the lighting, changing people's lives for generations. LED turbulent times already come. I can see the launch of Philips LED bulbs Almighty will subvert the Chinese urban household lighting habits, to become the future of the election just around the corner. Wise, today LED yet?

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